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Filter Cartridges: Discounted Pricing & Quick Delivery

 Eaton filter cartridges
This is a website owned and operated by Factory Direct Pipeline Products, Inc. (FDPP), an authorized distributor for Eaton Hydraulics LLC, Filtration Division.  FDPP has been providing sales and engineering support for Eaton brand industrial filtration products since their acquisition of Hayward Manufacturing's industrial pipeline filtration products in 2005.

It is our intent, with this website and others, to make it as easy as possible for you to learn about and use Eaton brand filtration products.  Our business model is simple, shipments are made directly from the factory warehouse to you... our overhead is kept to a minimum and we pass the savings along to you through discounted pricing.

We provide Eaton filter cartridges to the global market and we can offer value-added services such as emergency stocking, blanket order processing to support JIT delivery and application focused engineering support to help ensure you are selecting the best filtration product.  The complete line of LOFMEM, LOFPLEAT, LOFTREX, LOFCLEAN and LOFMET filter cartridges are described in detail, including pricing.

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